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The Ancient Magus' Bride

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Nov 11, 17 at 6:21pm

elias is obvious bae

need to read the manga but the animes very cute so far =w=!!! great mix of feels, cuteness, and fantasy =w=!!

Nov 11, 17 at 6:25pm

Nov 11, 17 at 8:28pm

Chibi Elias is adorable. It amazes me how they can make a guy with a skull for a head cute.

shixuan commented on The Ancient Magus' Bride
Nov 12, 17 at 8:25am

I was thinking about watching this... Now after reading your comments I am really encouraged to do it!

Nov 12, 17 at 9:32am

Most defiantly watch this! i was one of the lucky ones to see the whole thing in a movie version back in July.
but i did not want to spoil it for anyone else.

Nov 14, 17 at 2:25pm

I love this anime. This anime reminds me of "Dantalian no Shoka". I love the animation and story. It has a 'shoujo' vibe to it, but I still like it. I love how simply romantic the main characters are

Nov 17, 17 at 10:45am

It's definitely been a really enjoyable show so far. I had watched the OVA before starting so it seems like the TV series still hasn't made it that far as to where it took place with a character not yet introduced.

The show itself just has a really unique feeling to it. It's both facinating to watch but also can be a bit depressing at times.

Nov 18, 17 at 4:59am

This show keeps getting better each episode, I can never stand to wait for the next one.

Nov 18, 17 at 5:58pm

This weeks ep tho!!! WHY YAH GOTTA FOOOOL us with that cliffhanger... Like seriously a bad one this week!

I adore Chise. <3

mikuru3 commented on The Ancient Magus' Bride
Nov 19, 17 at 12:40am

I just saw the first episode yesterday and I was HOOKED! The concept, story and world was very interesting and new. I absolutely love the character designs especially Elias. I do agree with the previous poster that it reminds me of shojo stories, which I love as well lol. The art was nice and their chibi versions were cute too. This anime had a great first episode and the opening music was so catchy. I'm planning to watch the second episode now hehe.

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