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Tokyo Ghoul:re anime scheduled for 2018

Oct 05, 17 at 12:18pm

-shrug- I guess I'll check it out at some point, there's so much other manga I'm currently reading though. so yeah...eventually. :u


I swear to god, this anime has to follow the manga or I'll turn into a fucking ghoul and create a better anime.

Take your time with it and reread from the beginning of :re if you have too, you'll get to the hentai chapter eventually.

Oct 05, 17 at 1:28pm


Oct 05, 17 at 4:35pm

i dont understand this meme

read tokyo ghoul, its good '_'?

Oct 05, 17 at 4:43pm

i have high hopes and expectations of the new anime

the first had amazing art and pretty good effects (not the best)

now that the manga and anime has become *this* big, the budget will be juicy i foresee

if not *books a ticket to japan and preorders the anarchists cookbook*




kaneki has a child <3 with touka ofcourse


I haven't read the chapter that people seem to be so worked up about (mainly because one, I don't read fluent Japanese, nor German, and two I am trying to avoid third-party scans) but I actually find the second series of the manga to be just as good if not better than the previous series. I am however, VERY scared for this season, because unless Ishida realized that the studio that has done season 1 and 2 is screwing him over, then we are going to get another, non-canon season. Even the thing with Hide shouldn't have been a thing because he isn't confirmed dead in the series, even though it is implied that Kaneki ate him in Vol. 14. I would like to be told which particular chapters were the issue for most people just so that I can look into it and see whether or not the fits I keep hearing about are unwarranted. I know that the TouKaneki vs. KaHide situation was simply dumb, let the writer choose what is canon and keep your fantasies to yourself, writers are there for two things, to write a story they can be proud of, and to make money, not to satisfy others, that is simply a bonus.

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