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Sakurada (Sagrada) Reset

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Sep 14, 17 at 8:36pm

Yeah, I kind of agree with you there. But most endings in anime kind of seem too quick and rushed. It could definitely use a special episode to see how things turn out.

Still, this stories merit isn't in the ending.. It's in the elaborately twisted journey getting there.

Sep 15, 17 at 9:33pm

The only problem with the journey was something the actual characters point out. The main character simply cannot make mistakes, which means that at a certain point you simply believe that he'll succeed in any of his goals.

Sep 15, 17 at 11:02pm

But he did make mistakes. Even admittedly so. That first reset was a huge mistake. I think you misinterpreted what they were saying. What they said was infallible was his sense of justice. He'd always make the right choice according to what was right and wrong. Not that he was incapable of making mistakes.

Sep 16, 17 at 8:03am

Geez.... NO SPOILERS!!!!

If you want to discuss the ending, please move your post the 'Anime Summer Season' thread.

Sep 16, 17 at 11:51am

To be completely fair, your last response seemed to invite discussion about the entirety of the story. I simply didn't expect such an arbitrary rule about spoilers. One would think that the general topic would be the safe haven for spoilers, so that more can participate, and that a focused topic would invite a more thorough discussion.

saeko commented on Sakurada (Sagrada) Reset
Sep 16, 17 at 12:08pm

I would wait with anticipation for each episode, really amazing anime!

Sep 16, 17 at 12:16pm

Well, my sincere apology Shinu, and I appreciate the removal, and your taking the time to comment.

On the first page, in multiple places it was plainly posted "No Spoilers". So thank you for removing them.

The 'Anime - Summer 2017' thread is specifically for those discussions that include spoilers. I'd happily continue the discussion there.

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