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Sep 06, 17 at 3:01am

Been watching Isekai Smartphone. 2/10 it's so bad I can't stop watching it.

The MC is so strong nothing stands a chance against him in 8 eps.
Then they do stupid things like slightly change the ending to a hilarious effect.
Also wonderful moment where he just pulls out a gun and shoots people, I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard.

All in all don't watch this alone. It's like a machine took all the popular Isekai trends and went I took can make popular anime and we got this. Another bad series I need to watch.

Sep 06, 17 at 4:08am

The Kings Avatar: OMG 100000000000/10 best anime 100% will never be topped...... 12 episode = 12 wet pants!!!
for reals tho, great anime, cool fights, cool animation, real life problems that professional players face.
i think everything about this anime is great, but the only problem is that its in Chinese... for me its a plus
because its kinda cool to understand what the characters are saying, but i can see why it can turn down some people.
If u can ignore the fact that its in Chinese im almost 100% sure that you will enjoy it.

Sep 15, 17 at 7:31pm

Shokugeki no Souma - 8.5/10

A series about cooking doesn't sound appealing, but anime is filled with weird and unconventional premises that turn out to be amazing, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that Food Wars was really good. It's basically a shounen fighting series, but instead of power-up battle abilities... it's battles of recipes!

Even though it's about fancy meals, there's also plenty of candy as well...

Sep 15, 17 at 9:32pm


6/10 so far, probably final score.

Reading the summary to the show means it'll give you the slip, because it's nothing about video games or gamers. People regularly call it "Misunderstandings - The Anime", and they're right to be fair. It's not terrible, but overall it's nothing amazing either. There are some moments of the anime that really stand out all on their own, which I can't get into due to spoilers, and for that I would actually recommend watching it, at least if you're into romcoms.

Sep 16, 17 at 12:04am

your name. 9.5/10

Makoto Shinkai's best film! Essentially perfect, except for parts leading up to the ending feeling a little scattered. The ending itself is like the total feelings of everything that occurred throughout the film blasting you in the face all at once...

How I'd rank Shinkai's films:

1. your name.
2. 5cm Per Second
3. The Place Promise In Our Early Days
4. Children Who Chase Lost Voices
5. Garden of Words

Jikko Von Satsujin commented on Rate the last anime you watched
Jikko Von Satsujin
Sep 16, 17 at 12:37am


Sep 16, 17 at 11:56pm

Plastic Memories (Rewatch)

Pros: Do you like when anime gives you a case of the feels? Do you like when a show makes you feel uncontrollably sad one moment and happy the next? This show is for you then. Story is solid albeit predictable. Characters are interesting. Music is great.

Cons: As stated before story is a bit predictable. A bit too much melodrama for some, myself I didnt mind too much. Animations are about average.

Overall its a cute story that will really tug on your heart strings. Want a good cry? Give it a watch.

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