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What Anime made you cry?


Every episode of Violet Evergarden. Damn ninjas cutting onions I tell ya


Emotional wounds are real, but they can heal. You just have to let them.


I just finished the Chimera ant arc of HunterxHunter. I wasn't prepared for all these feels. Nothing but respect for Meruem and the Royal Guards.


Madoka Magica.


Oh yes, Madoka for sure. But you know which was terribly sad? TORADORA. The series starts off so nice and warm, but by the middle it gets terribly sad, and episode 19 will make you cry your eyes out ! At least it wrapped up nicely, albeit still a bit sad.

Jan 11, 21 at 3:37pm

I'm a Kawaii Thug


Shin Sekai Yori. The ambiguous messaging in the show as well as the amount of people who have weird takes on the show made me cry.

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