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What Anime made you cry?

Dec 04, 18 at 9:56am

Pretty much all anime has the ability to make me cry, either from it being sad, too happy, sweet, you name it. Angel Beats! did make me cry too like OP, very much like a baby.

Dec 13, 18 at 2:06am


neveru commented on What Anime made you cry?
Dec 13, 18 at 8:45am

Assassination classroom T_T

Dec 13, 18 at 2:33pm

Angel beats


No anime ever made me cry. I'm a manly man. ;o

Dec 21, 18 at 7:42pm

The animes that make me cry are always the ones who have a good romance story. Especially when the mc is not sure about the relationship or ones where heart break happens.

Jan 07, 19 at 9:18pm

Re-watching Plastic memories.
I already know I'm going to cry soon.

Jan 07, 19 at 9:20pm

for me...every anime that ends. i always tear up at the last episodes even if its a comedy. if im into it i. will. cry.

Jan 07, 19 at 9:22pm

I spent the best part of my morning watching sad and inspirational scenes from Naruto I cried all morning till I had enough

Jan 07, 19 at 11:07pm

The anime that made me cry was chrono crusade.

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