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Out of curiosity in your opinions do you think i should hide my taste in anime & manga

MaiOtaku Forums > Anime News and Discussion > Out of curiosity in your opinions do you think i should hide my taste in anime & manga

Yes, hide it in the darkest place possible and never let any light touch it.

Jk, wear it like a badge of honor and scream it out if you have to.



Don't hide your love for anime. I used to call myself an undercover nerd. Played sports all growing up and hid from every1 that i played videogames and watched anime instead of jersey shore or whatever. Then as i got older like junior year in highschool i decided to just stop giving a shit. Would talk frequently with the anime kids and gaming kids and no1 cared or judged me. And if any1 did usually they had some more embarassing baggage. Imo times have changed and i don't see liking anime as nerd defining as it once was. Even the people who say "i hate anime" guaranteed will like at least one anime or cartoon thats out there. Hell there are probably more closet anime lovers than ever before. I worked with a bunch of dudes that would go clubbin every night and gave off the vibe of popular cool kids. I was talkin about naruto to some kid that comes in my work and they overheard then all we heard from them was "yo naruto is cold! Shit and bleach man? Ichigo is my n-word(lmao)"

I wouldn't say wear it like a badge of honor but don't be afraid to express things that you enjoy and love. Like that other guy said don't wear a mask and just show yourself


Most of the people close to me would know about my passion for anime. But only a little of them know that I watched hentai and read yaoi doujin. How much I hide from people depends on how open-minded they are.

If it's with my parents who are both conservative, they only know that I enjoy japanese cartoons. I decided to not share all the details to them because I don't want them to turn awkward on me when they don't understand why I like what I like. ^^

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