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Thoughts on Fan Service

Dec 06, 18 at 12:37am

Here's the deal - if your show needs fanservice to be good, then there are fundamental problems with the plot in the first place (unless it's supposed to be that way). If it doesn't need fanservice to be good, than why even bother with it?

Dec 06, 18 at 12:39am

That's a question for the producers...

Dec 06, 18 at 1:23am

And marketers! If fanservice scenes objectify instead of characterize, it can hobble the pacing of a work, especially if lewdness is not the work's focus.

Dec 18, 18 at 11:54am

I get that it sells better so why not have fanservice but it's used too much sometime, or it's the thing I've seen over and over already (like falling on the girl). Like when they use weird angles to show panties it's weird and I feel somewhat insulted, as if the anime makers thought that's why I'm here? Worst occurrence imo is in Code Geass during intense moments they show Kallen's butt in close-up while inside her mecha and I'm "um.... but why???" Or in Rebuild of Evangelion there is a transparent plug suit and the character wearing it even says "hey whoever made this is a pervert", yeah I mean, it's already skintight, does it need to be transparent too???

Sometime it's a character's design like Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop, it shows a lot of skin but I'm ok with it, it's not vulgar and she never ask for people to look at her and enjoy the view or anything. Some characters in anime will be in underwear or swimsuit in public and do lewd stuff and "oh oh like what you see uh?" and like, why am I watching this anime again? A little eyecandy is good but certainly not this, it leaves nothing to my imagination and I could just go watch actual porn instead of getting teased.

Dec 18, 18 at 4:41pm

It's cringe when it's about relationship and damn spicy when it's about power ups and fights *-*

Dec 21, 18 at 1:08am

So long as it serves a purpose to the narrative, such as anime like Shimoneta, then it doesn't bother me that much.

Dec 21, 18 at 7:20pm

Same as judgmentoftherain. If there's a purpose to it then OK. I do question the amount in some shows and if it's needed (the classic woman's ass talking to the boys shot). Although there are times where fan service can be funny. Just awkward if someone walks in while your laughing your ass off and there happens to be fan service on the screen.

Jan 01, 19 at 10:05pm

I like fan service once in awhile but then I watched Golden Kamuy, which has almost none, if any, and I realized just how unnecesary and annoying fan service can be.

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