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Anime english subbed or dubbed?

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I can't really handle English Dubs anymore. When I was growing up, I was fine with it, felt like the quality of the voice actors and actresses was just a little higher. That's changed in recent years. Also and more importantly to me, many English Dub scripts almost completely rewrite the story. Perfect example is the 2000 Pierrot animation, Gakkou no Kaidan or Ghost Stories. If you watch it subbed, you get one story, with the character depth and feel one way; if you watch it Dubbed, you get almost a completely different story and feel to the depth of the characters. Japanese Seiyuu take their careers very seriously where many english dubbing / voice over companies will literally hire people off the streets to fill bit roles, making the feel of many english dubs as half-ass and lackadaisical. Difference in mentality to work ethic goes a long way

Adzcarr commented on Anime english subbed or dubbed?
Nov 11, 16 at 4:12pm

Often i find it's how i'm introduced to it. DBZ, Avatar: The Last Airbender, i watched these two in English as i came across them that way but almost all other anime i've started watching is just in subbed as standard and i'm so used to watching with subs now it really is not a problem at all with subs. I now struggle to watch anything in English and just listen to the audio if for some reason there are subs too!

A few things i've watched subbed i catch the odd clip on youtube etc with it dubbed and i'm like WTF??!! Completely different feel to it, but i suppose that's just because i'm used to them sounding a certain way. So i don't prefer one way or the other, just i quickly associate there voices with the character one way or the other.

Nov 11, 16 at 5:24pm

I myself usually prefer sub but lately I've been getting into dub more so i'm going to have to say I like both equally.

Nov 11, 16 at 6:45pm

Yeah, for me it depends on the anime, I've found myself enjoying both dubbed and subbed. I loved the dubbed for certain shows like Code Geass or Fullmetal Alchemist but then just hated the dubbed for some other shows I can't really think of at the moment haha. There tends to be more emotion with subbed which is why I prefer that a lot of the time, I loved the subbed way more than the dubbed in Steins;Gate for example but at the same time it wasn't that bad dubbed. I prefer subbed but I'll watch dubbed time to time depending on what it is.

Nov 15, 16 at 5:18pm

100% Subbed for me . I hate german/english dubs >_> *gnah*

Nov 16, 16 at 1:36am

There are a few occasions when I prefer dubbed over subbed. Typically watching subbed in my personal opinion gives the best interpretation of Japanese culture, a character‘s expression, and the anime as a whole. One instance I prefer dubbed over subbed would be the anime series, "Full Metal Panic." I do not personally speak Japanese, so when I watch this show the sarcastic humor doesn't translate over well, simply because my ear cannot discern, that a particular character is even being sarcastic. So this is a very rare scenario when I prefer dubbed over subbed, otherwise I would stick with subbed, because I think it generally gives you a better understanding of the anime; when an anime is spoken in English a lot of context, and information is left out entirely.

Nov 17, 16 at 9:38am

Believe me watch it raw then after that you won't need dubs any more




Nov 22, 16 at 4:29am

Your probably right lol.

Nov 22, 16 at 9:58am

For me I prefer Japanese for pretty much everything except dbz

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