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Anime english subbed or dubbed?

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Aug 26, 16 at 5:19pm

i think it depends on what your watching like black butler and hellsing hands down better in dub but generally i prefer sub

Mik_san commented on Anime english subbed or dubbed?
Aug 30, 16 at 8:28pm

Dubbed all the way :D , simple SAO <<< kirito ( bryce papenbrook ) great anime , great character , great voice actor . Boom there's my opinion but I have to admit as I prefer dubbed there has been a few that I have disliked so they are not all good but depends on the kind you go for steins gate is a good watch dubbed too :)


99% of the time it's subbed for me - not gonna say dubbed is terrible, far from it. I prefer some anime shows in dubbed though, a big example is Highschool of the Dead where I feel the writing is infinitely more witty and entertaining than the subbed version and the voice acting is pretty good if you ask me.

Sep 03, 16 at 7:59pm

It depends. When i first was introduced to anime i preferred dubbed just because i wasn't really use to sub. But some animes can have a pretty good dub, for instance in my opinion psycho pass had a great dub, darker than black was pretty good too. Fairy tail on the other hand i prefer subbed, the dub is pretty cringey, i can't remember exactly but i think it was the english voice actress of asuna from sao in an interview saying that its kind of awkward translating the script to english just because that's not how we're use to speaking in western society, the structure of the sentences can be very different making the literal translation quite awkward.

I don't mind either, but i don't understand why some people flame others for their choice in either dub/sub, like people have preferences just leave them alone lol, if someone prefers dub so be it, no need to be like "eww you watch dub !?!?"

Sep 04, 16 at 2:28am

I have a balanced feeling for subbed and dubbed as I watch both type of anime;
If you are a new anime watcher you rather want to start on dubbed a subbed may not be as appealing and may be a hassle to read the subtitles if youre not used to iy
If you are an experienced anime watcher most likely you would like to watch more in subbed anime as there is more of a variety in these types of anime as most japanese anime creators dont send their anime to get dubbed as it is not very popular

Sep 04, 16 at 7:50pm

How is this even a debate? The answer is simple; taste in anime is subjective. I mostly prefer sub, but I definitely prefer dub when I watch DBZ.

Sep 08, 16 at 9:23pm

Subbed for me. Like others have said, dub just doesn't sound quite right. The exceptions are the "anime" that are originally in English. I think that most shows should be enjoyed with their original audio. That's just my preference.

Sep 08, 16 at 10:00pm

For me, it depends on the anime itself. Some shows are better subbed, while others I might prefer dubbed.
One Piece, I much rather watch subbed.
Yu Yu Hakusho is much better dubbed.
Dragon Ball (Original and Z) I prefer dubbed. (I'm more than okay with watching Dragon Ball Super subbed)

Sep 09, 16 at 4:38pm

It depends on what I will be doing when I am watching. Sometimes I like to turn on a new show while working on school work and in that case I have to watch dubbed. If I am gonna sit down and seriously watch a show I will watch it subbed.

Sep 10, 16 at 10:27am

I prefer subbed anime because i can learn japanese language XD

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