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What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

MaiOtaku Forums > Anime News and Discussion > What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

For the first one I watched I was so young that I don't actually remember it. I definitely liked it tho, so it counts.

The earliest I actually know the name of (only actually because I saw it again years later) is Battle Angel Alita.


Hello my name is Travis and I'm 23 from the United States. I found the first episode of bleach in a Shonen jump magazine and was addicted to anime ever since. Lol I watched dbz when I was really young but I didn't really think of it as anime that young haha


My name is Gino, 23 year old dutchie here
I'm not 100% sure but my guess would be that I really started watching anime after I found shaman king along with dbz and pokemon.
Been a fan ever since


Hi I'm Maxi and I'm 21 y/o ^-^
Well the first anime I saw that I really liked was Pokémon but I was so little back then xD But I followed it on the TV and watched it everyday~ But I had no idé what even anime was. So idk if that counts?
But when I discovered anime so was it Naruto I fell for. Naruto is my favorite anime, I really like the story behind every character. Especially seing Naruto grow and go from being hated to become the hero over Konoha :3
I've been watching a few animes since in all different genres and I'm totally stuck *-* But Naruto is still my Nr.1 anime ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Dec 26, 16 at 1:54pm

Hey! Tais, 29, from Brazil. The first one was Sailor Moon back in 1994 I think...


Sailor moon ! I wanted to be a kick ass moon princess so bad

Dec 26, 16 at 10:47pm

Kai. 22. World renowned goofball at your service!
First anime ever...probably Pokemon or DBZ. First anime I watched when I realized what anime was would have been Naruto xD


Sailor Moon and Chobits. Not really an otaku.


if "watched" until completition? then I got no clue... Probably Gundam Wing... But if we are discussing the first anime that I ever laid eyes on it was Sailor Moon.

Never watched a single episode fully tho, not that I remember


Hello, my name is Tyler. I'm not sure what my first ones were. I remember Princess Mononoke being probably the first

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