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What is/what are your favorite sites to buy anime merchandise from

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I've thought of this question for all of you to share of your favorite sites to buy anime merchandise to buy from from games-to anime-to manga and many more stuff it doesn't matter of how many sites.

Just 1 or more then 1 so far i have 5 at the moment and they are well of the following Robert's anime corner store,amazon,right stuff and i might as well and be honest and include adult anime store & fakku now it's your turn to share and if you wish to make any suggestions of any good sites feel free to share your suggestions only if you want to.

Be honest and have fun sharing enjoy :).


used from, new from ami.
Ebay isn't bad, long as you just avoid the Chinese sellers.


RSA, Amazon, ebay, and what ever site has the best lowest price.

@neet-one: It's more of the Malaysia bootleggers you have to watch out for on ebay. It's alright as long as you know what your getting.


Amazon and Ebay are fine for me. I've bought stuff from Chinese sellers before and have had no problems, the only Asian seller that fucked me over once was a Thai seller, but I have had succesful purchases from other sellers from Thailand, so you can't really generalize. It depends on the seller, just read their recent feedback. It's usually accurate.


Amazon. Has pretty much anything you are looking for.


^Amazon's my favourite. cheap, quick, and reliable, and it's easy to resolve issues with a seller.

tetsiya can be good. Also crunchyroll has some stuff that I don't usually find anywhere but there. Other than that listen to the above

Jan 22, 17 at 10:24pm

Ebay, Amazon, Amiami, Hobbylinkjapan, and Rightstuf

Aug 30, 17 at 9:10am

Mainly from an otaku shop YATTA (but it is only in Poland)

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