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Kingdom Hearts

Nov 15, 16 at 12:46am

I am sure everyone loves Kingdom Hearts, and such. ^_^

Nov 20, 16 at 10:37pm

Yup, love kh still waiting on the third one lol it's gonna be a long wait still, I played through Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 then there was 358/2 days and dream drop distance and I've been struggling to keep track of the story haha

Nov 21, 16 at 12:54am

Lol Totally, and then there is Birth By Sleep so many games in this series too many remakes as well. I love the series though of course. :)

Nov 21, 16 at 12:16pm

I've only played a little of Birth By Sleep, I got it on ps3 Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and yeah I really need to finish that one lol.

Nov 21, 16 at 12:27pm

Heh, yeah totally I might need to get on that soon seeing how I have a PS3 as well. :)

Ezekiel 11:19 commented on Kingdom Hearts
Ezekiel 11:19
Nov 21, 16 at 3:37pm

Funny enough i just finish watching Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Movie in the HD 1.5 Remix Disc. i remember playing this game on ds so long ago and xion still my fav female kingdom hearts character...

I plan to play 2.5 sometime next year gonna be busy with final fantasy 15 when it comes out

Nov 21, 16 at 3:52pm

Sounds like a plan to me, you are probably going to have some awesome wicked fun. ^_^

Nov 21, 16 at 5:09pm

I've had a good time with them been playing since KH1's release day I still got a few I haven't played yet though. 3D and BBS I got 1.5 and 2.5 but wanna beat the not so secret bosses 1st before going to BBB. Oh and off topic but +10 points for Emil just saying ^_^

Nov 21, 16 at 5:22pm

^_^ lol That just made my whole day, which you seem to be very much a dedicated fan to the whole series. Also, cool Shin Megami Tensei Persona Tarot Card Display Picture. I am currently playing that series right now. Also slightly off topic, sorry everyone.

Einjeru commented on Kingdom Hearts
Sep 27, 17 at 12:13am

I played thru and beat KH 1, 2, re coded, dream drop distance and birth by sleep on the original consoles. Only games I couldn't beat were chain of memories(i hate and can't understand the card based play style) and 356/8 (corrupted card at the final Xion battles couldn't bare to play again) I waited till I got all the remakes to play in order all over again. Just need the time to sit and play.

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