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Who's showing up to Ohayocon 2017?

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Hellooo!! I know this is fairly early but I know there's a few that lives in Ohio that goes to local anime conventions. So I wanna know who's coming to Ohayocon next year. As an added boost, I have volunteered to play Undertale on Twitch drunk; for every time I die, I take a drink. Doubled when I get to the Mettaton boss fight. Any cosplayers are welcomed to swing by at the hotel room I'm staying in and partake in the madness. Anyone that happens to see me roaming around, just come by and talk to me.

polarbearmaru commented on Who's showing up to Ohayocon 2017?
Nov 04, 16 at 12:12am

I most likely will attend =^.^= I have to stay with my sisters, so I most likely cant stop by, but I hope to meet Undertale fans like you there! I have a Toriel cosplay coming in from France and I'm really excited to premiere it. Will you be cosplaying from Undertale? Perhaps we will meet in a photoshoot :3


I will be I go every year ^^

Jan 12, 17 at 1:49pm

As it turns out, my car just got fixed, and I learned that after staffing for security last year, I have a free badge. So I'm in. Anyone else going to Ohayocon?

Jan 15, 17 at 6:44pm

-still crickets- This is why we need more people from Ohio on here. ^___^;

Either way, good con. I completed several quests.


I hope everyone had fun at the con! It was fun and I miss it already

Jan 19, 17 at 10:31pm

Yes, the post convention hangover. You simultaneously want to immediately go to the next one, but your wallet and body are just like "Please, I beg you! Don't!"

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