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[WANNA PLAY] Black Desert Online

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I recently got a new main game called -Escape From Tarkov- and will require most of my time
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who wants to play -Black Desert Online- with me ?
i play different characters
play couple times a week.

preferable language - Swe/Eng
preferable time - 19:00 (UTC+1) - ? (sometimes more early) not later than 22:30 approx mon-fri, got work
swedish time
prefera... fu*k it.

teamspeak, not skype pliz.. but if you really wanna play with me and doesnt have ts, get ts. i help you.

best regards, lolihunter

Nov 29, 16 at 8:37pm

I just recently started playing Black Desert Online.
I dont really have anyone to play with.
I would enjoy playing with you.
I can only speak little swedish but english will do fine.

Nov 29, 16 at 10:02pm

OMG OMG i played on the japanese servers :D - till endgame - buuut i kiiinda got bored of it :P

Dec 18, 16 at 6:37am

Im shure it will be fun if we play regularly :D sorry for late reply guys XD
are you still interested?

Dec 21, 16 at 1:57pm

I'm re-downloading this now. Saw those Christmas item sales! lol.

I've been playing this since February on and off, you can't beat that open world feature though. I've spent hours just travelling and exploring. Witch awakening is here, so I'm hype!

May 03, 17 at 1:39pm

hey, im happy someone answered but im lazy as hell with logging in to this site.. im not playing as much as i did before and i have some new characters, '

lvl 40 ninja
lvl 46 dark knight
lvl 6 wizzurd

would still be fun to play sometimes with someone since i only had solo play experiences XD


I wouldn't mind joining you guys, if you want. I have two awakened characters working on my third. I'm free whenever mostly

Jun 06, 17 at 10:52pm

Sounds awesome :D if you are interested, just add family name

- BeanEyes

transmagic commented on [WANNA PLAY] Black Desert Online
Jun 06, 17 at 11:02pm
This account has been suspended.
Jun 06, 17 at 11:05pm

Im not very good with computers or rather the parts in this present time in life :p

try this site :)

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