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Taste in music?

So what are people's tastes in music? Could be anything at all. I'm not too well versed in a whole lot, I just listen to what I like. Mostly rock, metal, and v-kei. So what do you listen to?
Aug 20, 12 at 6:03pm
i listen to mostly rock and metal (all kinds from prog to black) but i listen to a little rap as well thanks to my two brothers and random things i find while online (such as the volcaloid program)
Country mostly and some Classic/modern Rock is what i like best.
I have quite a varied taste, and think that listening to as much as possible is the best way (though with a collection of over 550 CD's and records, I'd at least hope so!). I have a particular fondness for weird/crazy stuff, or just well played/written. A particular fondness for jazz and Spacerock. Don't listen to the radio, it's all the same.
It depends entirely on the setting. for relaxing i listen to Horrorcore ( yes, yes, i know, bring on the hate ) For partying i prefer Ska and punkrock. For activities such as work and cleaning, Prodigy and chiptunes ( these double as inspirational choices for writing Scifi scenarios ) Classic metal, iron maiden/slayer/panthera/sepultura for writing fantasy and also for training/physical excersize I cannot tolerate RnB, Dance, Gangsta-rap, and most anything that receives airplay of any kind. Being forced to listen to MTV and Radio stations make me aggressive and if I get the chance I will disable or destroy the device that makes the noise.
Sep 06, 12 at 4:11pm
I like rock metal punk and classical moZart ₩_₩
Sep 06, 12 at 4:27pm
usually I hear rock and punk
Sep 12, 12 at 10:59am
J-pop and J-rock!! Like Ayabie and Oz!! :D..
rock, hard rock, punk,j-rock, and metal
Oct 07, 12 at 1:40pm
Vocaloid, jpop/anime osts... & oppa gangnam style lol
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