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The "Broke" Epidemic

If you got no money but still manage to buy a poster/manga/whatever. I'm talking to you. Unless idk you borrowed it. Illegally. Jk, Anyone out there who's been looking for jobs with no luck? I feel you. It's been months for me and I've just giving up on the conventional way of subjecting myself through this process of applying, getting that interview based on a resume filled with lies(don't judge everybody does it), and then loathing the job you have but still working there bc you got addicted to buying shit you honestly don't need.
That's sssssoooooo totally me now. I JUST got laid off my job last week after searching YEARS for a job. Now I'm just like fuck it, I'm gonna play my video games and sponge off of my folks like I always have. Man life's a bitch I swear.
Jun 10, 16 at 3:55am
What no! That sucks •~• Lol if you do that maybe your fam will recommend you for a next job opening where they work--spring a surprise job interview on you 2 hours before you have to awkwardly bullshit about a resume you didn't fill out. "like what's happening?"
Work is work unless you can "afford" to be picky. There are always jobs, though not all will fully pay the bills. Take advantage of living at home by saving for living on your own or going to school, I wish I did that. At this point, I'm just looking for a second job while squeaking by, but life can always be worse and I can certainly make it better.
Jun 11, 16 at 5:18am
This account has been suspended.
I can afford to be picky but I get plenty of interviews. Doesn't get hired.
I always get the experience card so sometimes i feel trapped.
Jun 14, 16 at 12:49am
@Namani EXACTLY. It's the no prior experience and at the interview I mess up. No communication skills, when being asked questions and expected to think on my feet. I get anxiously tongue tied like nobody's business. Not so good for the first 5 seconds they decide I'm not fit for the job but have to finish the interview legally. So the traditional way of getting a job doesn't work for me. Right now I advertise myself online for services I know I can do without dealing with the awkwardness just yet and save up.
Gotta start somewhere i suppose. As months go by, We tend to try to break outta that shell of awkwardness.
One step at a time though. Everyone progresses differently and later builds up their own set of skills.
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