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What's your secret Fetish?

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May 21, 16 at 2:29am

Everybody has one, even if they claim not to have it!!.

For some, stuff like Feet are extremely attractive, others pay extra attention to hands (wut?), I have heard personally from others, that they got turned on by eyebrows and ears???

Anyways... Post a pic about your secret fetish ;)

IF it's NSFW, you can simply describe it lightly.

Mine is kinda simple lol :

That type of clothing... Damn

duck commented on What's your secret Fetish?
May 21, 16 at 2:52am


If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret....

So my non secret fetish(es): Cute little innocent looking girls that actually aren't innocent and try to seduce me. Or even cute little futanari girls that dominate me. Also I want to be a cute little girl.

May 21, 16 at 3:40am

The hands thing is usually connected to hygiene and also self-control. To me biting your nails is just... No. Don't do that. Same with dirty nails. If you can't even keep your nails clean, what are you actually doing with your life?
I don't have any fetishes but for some reason I really like collarbones. Mine are rather prominent too and I just like the way it looks I guess.

May 21, 16 at 3:52am

@Xy Never heard of that before. Can't say that I get especially aroused or fascinated by it. Sometimes it's even too much for me, but mostly I don't really look at that. Too much other things to look at like a great smile.
Lately, I've found that if I had to decide on a fetish, it would probably be gaming. If a girl can give me a hard time beating her or even win and teases me with that, it can really get me going ^^

May 21, 16 at 3:59am

I have no idea why I like them either.. I'm definitely not into anorexic people. I just appreciate a pair of well defined collarbones.

May 21, 16 at 4:03am

It depends on the position of my shoulders, I guess, but even with a good posture, my collarbones are pretty prominent. Never really thought about it, though. It's even kind of weird, because I've got broad shoulders and am slightly athletic, not slender

EDIT: It doesn't look weird. It's just odd considering my body type and the fact that I've never noticed it. My body isn't freaky or anythin XD


I do like a flat stomach and well defined hip bones on a girl but it's not a requirement as I've dated lots of bigger girls.

May 21, 16 at 6:48am

my fetish is no secret XD its basically girls in either thigh highs, knee highs, garters, tights or stockings. i might also have a thing for short girls and flat chests ^^;

May 21, 16 at 7:45am

I see a future where Queen posts sexy pics of her (only her legs visible) with knee highs xD

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