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anyone see Aria Scarlet Ammo spinoff?

Has anyone seen any of the Scarlet ammo spin-off series Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA? If you have what was it like? How did it compare to the original?
I been watching it.i think its got some good animation .The plot is something thats easy to get into i wish it had more scences with the guy aria was partners with in the original anime .I also wish the main female charcter would have gotten searious sooner .you wont see her real skills until the 11 episode .i would suggest people to check it out .
So the original guy only cameos then? I guess that's not too surprising since it's supposed to be a spinoff and some other girl wants to be her partner. Dang....isn't that pretty much the whole length of that series though? By the time you see her actual skills I mean? Is it still comedic? I mean the original loved to play up his perv powers but I don't see that being the case here.
I've been Been watching it, and it has its goofy moments. Definitely a little lighter at times then the original. Been watching them as they come out on Funimation, so haven't seen the whole series yet. So far I enjoy it though. You see her partner Cameo a few times throughout the series. You get some Glimpses of the Girls skills from time to time as she gets better. Overall, if you liked Scarlet Ammo, I think You'd enjoy AA
Hm, okay thanks. Maybe I'll give it a try down the road now. I was kind of hesitant when I realized it was a spinoff. Nothing against spinoffs but it was missing one of the main series characters so I wasn't sure.
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