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So um ya I'm new and... I need friends but this kind of website is usually based on pics but I can't upload one D: Idk wut tew do~~~ I'm not some 400 pound monster :< lol

Kyetge! @kyetge commented on Ah!
May 24, 12 at 12:51am

You should use your noodle and direct people to sites where you CAN upload pics. :D


OOOOOOO!!!! I know!! I Know!!!!....Just talk to people? I mean if it's just "friends" then well...just be active in the community...though this one is dead/dying....meh.

Kyetge! @kyetge commented on Ah!
May 26, 12 at 7:04pm

I'm not sure what stage it's in, but it seems to be prebirth/dead! xD

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