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Attack on titan Jr High Anime?

What are you're thoughts on the new attack on titan jr high anime thats was said being made I personally am not looking forward to it
Total cash-cow, yo. :P Gotta milk that popularity.
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Yuki -- http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-07-31/attack-on-titan-junior-high-spinoff-manga-gets-tv-anime-adaptation/.91125
Zero desire to read the manga equates to zero desire to watch the anime on this one. So we have a hugely popular series already. Now how can we make it more accessible to a wider audience. Lets get rid of some of things that make the series great and replace it with school life fluff. Yeah! Even though there already is an entire school arc in the cannon (where the characters were close to middle school age) that we still have the opportunity to expand on lets get rid of that and make it a modern Japanese style school. That makes perfect sense! Money! To be fair I am making alot of assumptions based off of only seeing the manga covers in a bookstore. Who knows? Maybe the writing is amazing? I just kinda....doubt it.
You know... Gotta milk that cow!
I read the first chapter of it and after seeing the real anime and reading the real manga it feels like a big bad joke that yea there doing it to milk it and see if they can I'd still like to see if even one person likes it thou and see why
I have been meaning to read that manga, so I am happy to hear this.
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