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Why cant we be friendly

Jul 17, 15 at 10:57pm

I know this might be a bise thought but, why are we attacking each other. Why can be Friendly. We came to this site to find love and other people who love anime. Its sad to see all this happen its like we are tearing each other part. we are not the emeny I mean there are trolls. we can ignore the trolls.

I know this going to send a lot bad thing my way....I don't care. you can tell me what you think and that your Opinion about it

My saying it you cant fix stupid

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What's happening


@spikeroonie, I just died laughing. That was pretty great. I think I'll start sending that to all my friends without any context.


be my guest, may it hurt many feels

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Jul 17, 15 at 11:42pm

....okay I see some of you don't get I mement but this. Let me expain something to you all. I see people bully on here for there love what they love. I am sick of it. we should not fight and to all you bullies out there I got one thing for you.


this is my reason for this. I want people to understand. we are all Otakus! we love some kinda form of animation we will defend to the death. I BE DAMN if I see this art form redue to shit where people judging our opinions what we love.

with that being said. this video is the best think I never seen about how I feel and I competly agree with this.


Welcome to the internet. If someone argues with you, Just pretend their not there. Fighting is just another form of entertainment.

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