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Food? Sweets?

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Jun 03, 15 at 5:18pm

I've made too much Takoyaki in the past week, and i've managed to make some roll cakes too.

I Think I have a problem...

Anyway! What are some of your favorite Japanese foods and/or sweets? I Really like Pucho (melon flavors in particular, if you've seen them!) and Matcha Kit-Kats!

Jun 03, 15 at 8:49pm

Ever had Green Tea Poky? stuff is terrible yet oh so good if you can get past the bitter sweet taste of it!

Oh and any given sushi.

What about dried sea weed bites with these weird orange things in them, super weird!!

edveloso commented on Food? Sweets?
Jul 22, 15 at 8:34pm

I love Pocky a lot, hey what Otaku doesn't like Pocky.

I like all kinds of Picky,except for the ones with nuts due to having a nut allergy.

I also love sushi too

Rinar commented on Food? Sweets?
Jul 24, 15 at 1:43am

Hello Panda cookies are tasty.

Jul 25, 15 at 7:49am


inochan808 commented on Food? Sweets?
Jul 31, 15 at 12:34am

Noodles!! Udon, ramen, soumen, jajjangmyun (I know, not even Japanese but the noodles!!!!)

michaelw commented on Food? Sweets?
Aug 03, 15 at 7:50pm

I was just watching that Ghost in the Shell where Batou is talking about vegan Thai Buddhist food. Made my mouth water. I haven't tried that style yet but I certainly can't wait to.
I don't eat meat btw. Any other herbivores around here?

Aug 03, 15 at 8:16pm

I kinda wanna try dango, mochi and taiyaki. o.o

OrangeWave commented on Food? Sweets?
Aug 03, 15 at 10:57pm
This account has been suspended.
mrzsfo415 commented on Food? Sweets?
Aug 04, 15 at 12:49pm

I used to LOVE all things sweet ... like mochi and tapioca drinks ...
then I realized how much heavier I've become ...

Now everything is in moderation . . .

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