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San Japan 2015

Any Awesome people going to San Japan, Cause I sure am in my MU (My Unit) Cosplay from Fire Emblem, and I have this dope Levin Sword I bought on Etsy. :D
May 31, 15 at 8:44am
Yeah I'll be there for SJ8
Why wouldn't you go
Jun 08, 15 at 10:44pm
Im going too!
Jun 13, 15 at 3:14pm
Should we set up a meet up for MO there?? maybe grab some dinner and just talk or something.... I dunno, just an idea... There was a meetup for Akon but sadly, I missed it.
Jun 17, 15 at 3:25pm
I'll be there! I should be going as a group with other people, but I'd be down if anyone would want to hang out.
Im gonna be there too. Its gonna be awesome!
Jun 20, 15 at 10:16pm
I'm down to meet up/hang out with anyone
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