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I'm seriously really angry right now...
Each time I show any sign of interest in someone especially those of the opposite sex & each time I'd message them whatsoever I get no response,just read.
I try not to come off creepy by saying gimme your number and I usually show great enthusiasm. I always have to do the footwork to start a conversation and I have to be lucky just to get it to start. Getting it to keep going is a completely different story.

I'm always the nice guy who'll help you whenever you need it or comfort you when your down,Yet I'm not Overly nice by putting someone on a pedestal that's pathetic I have some pride you know >_>

Yet my efforts are always in vain. I guess I'll be single forever since I'm 24 and never been in a relationship.

I wish for a change someone was heavily interested in talking to me Sigh......


You just gotta be patient with type of stuff, or you'll just rush in and get you're heart broken, In my personal experience girls seem to overlook/ take advantage of the nice guy arch-type but that doesn't mean they're always like that. Maybe you're looking in the wrong places, especially since this is such a flaky site in the first place.

Good luck with your search!


I know what you mean. There have been two girls that I have tried to have serious relationships with. One was a long-distance relationship. We are still friends, but that's it. The other girl led me on and then lied to me to get out of going to Youmacon with me. I am still a bit bitter about it, and rarely talk to her anymore. I am 23 and wonder if I'm ever going to get a break in life. Things may change, though - I wore my Naruto shirt to McDonalds and one of the employees mentioned that her daughter was really in to animé. It took me a minuet to realize what was going on as my shit is blue with the Hidden Leaf Village logo on it, and that's what she recognized. She had me send her a friend request in Facebook (I was there with one of my laptops) and said she would mention me to her daughter... We'll see...

Mar 22, 12 at 4:18pm

I don't think a lack of response equals being fake and I also agree in the fact that patience would help you.

Just by showing interest it doesn't mean people are forced to get along with you. It is more complex, but if you keep being enthusiastic you might eventually attract someone who likes you for who you really are.

Don't be disappointed, you are a stranger to them, those things can develop in the most unexpected places and moments. Do you care for every single stranger you meet each day?

I say wait for your chance and have fun meanwhile! Just don't obsess about it, if you are really a good person it will be appreciated eventually there's no need to rush. It doesn't lead to any good most of the time.

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