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Any good anime?


Ive been lazy and lacking doing anything towards helping my intriest with anime.. can you people recommend good anime for me to watch? I Love Echii <3 And action. I like suspense I like abnormal and silly.. I like plot twist.. and Cool like Death note.

Mar 07, 12 at 8:31am

Definitely try Darker than Black and Baccano


Soul Eater!

Mar 11, 12 at 11:59pm

Hmm am currently watchin mirai nikki... its quiet twisted...

Mar 12, 12 at 11:14am

Flame Of Recca Is Good

Mar 13, 12 at 3:03pm

If you want a horror romance with a twist try Elfen Lied or something exciting and action Tenchi Muyo :0

Mar 13, 12 at 3:03pm

If you want a horror romance with a twist try Elfen Lied or something exciting and action Tenchi Muyo :0


Check out the new Lupin anime starring Fujiko Mine if you like Ecchi LOL.

Apr 30, 12 at 9:42pm

I wouldn't personally recommend Elfen Lied :\. Given you apparently love Ecchi, I guess To Love Ru is right up your alley, lol... I didn't like To Love Ru at all, but I don't like ecchi, so that figures ;p.

Since you also like action, I just must recommend Pandora Hearts and Black Lagoon. You'd probably enjoy Familiar of Zero as well ;).

You'd probably also enjoy Najica and Strike Witches, which is more bleh ecchi >.>, lol. Also Queen's Blade (bleh). There is another one that is action/adventure with a bunch of ecchi (not nearly as much as Queen's blade), but I can't think of it atm. It's one I could actually tolerate, so I don't know if it's enough ecchi for you. Figures, the show that I don't go bleh on is the show I don't remember, rofl ;D.

That should be enough to keep you going for awhile. There is a whole world of bleh ecchi, like an alien one that I can't remember the title of, Cat Planet Cuties (possibly, never seen it, don't want to see it), The Boy Who Cried Wolf (got through half an episode of that, so you're sure to love it), Heaven's Lost Property (didn't even watch it, so I bet you'll love that one even more), lol... lots of ecchi.

If you want more adventure ones, you have shows like Kiba. If you want something more along the line of Death Note, try Monster, it is an excellent psychological horror. Blue Gender is another great psychological horror (it is by the late Satoshi Kun). If you love just super weird wtf crazy stuff, try Paranoia Agent for the horror and Abenobashi Shopping Arcade for wtf nonsense (the kind of comedy you see on Adult Swim now >.>).

Well, imma stop here before I recommend a list of 100 anime.

May 03, 12 at 1:40pm

I'd recommend "Kids on a Slope" and "Space Brothers", both shows are very different form the usual anime formula. Mostly has to do with human connection and how it effects everyone else. It's nice to have a breath of fresh air.

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