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Had my heart broken....again...


My trust in women is going away again after having my heart broken by yet another woman. I won't go into details, but it's sickening how these women have lied, cheated, grew bored of, deceived, used, physically abuse, psychologically abuse, and just plain walked all over me. Prove me wrong.


Let me give you some advice:

Rule Nº1: Never let anyone walk over you. Does not matter if it's a relative, a friend, someone you love or trust, don't let them do that.

Rule Nº2: As soon as you notice that something is wrong, stop. Turn around and walk away.

Rule Nº3: "Those who are willing to play with our emotions will do anything to make us go back to them". With that in mind, remember this: Keep focused, stay calm and relax.

I could keep going but then I would have to buy you a drink... but since we (apparently) live so far away from each other, I'll just say this: Live on my friend, live on.


Thanks. I'm not proud of some of my actions since this last heartbreak, but I guess I keep going since every morning I wake up and I ask myself, "How do you do it? How do you get through it all!?" To which I simply reply, "I don't know. I honestly don't know."

Maybe I need to try some new things. Broaden my horizon. We'll see.


all you're missing is the harem....but seriously everyone has their trials when it comes to the grand old subject of love. despite having been knocked down so many times, you're still standing now, you've gotten back up and you're ready for the next day. use that to your advantage, let it make you confident. there will be someone out there who will take care of your heart if not help heal it for you, all that you gotta do is stand right back up after each fall.


Well considering i've been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused all by one person, had a guy I loved more then life break up with me for no reason right before our 3 year anniversary, have another guy turn into a stalker after we both were in college and he couldn't handle being away from me and not knowing what was going on, have another guy try and steal me from his roommate which ended their friendship, and have my now fiance of 2 years be not sure if being "tied down" is really for him i'd say that you've got it pretty good Shinji. The only thing anyone can do is learn that over the course of anyones life, you will have your heart broken at least 2 or 3 times before you find that "right person." You just have to realize that no one is perfect and that when we find someone we need to be upfront and honest about the type of people we really are and not try to be someone else, don't let others take advantage of you, accept that no one is perfect, and be willing to put yourself out there even after you've been hurt because everyone has someone waiting for them. Its just a matter of finding that right person and before you do there will be a whole lot of wrong people. Just stay strong, keep your head up, and keep your eyes open for that one girl that won't do those things to you because there are plenty good girls out there that won't do stupid crap like that ^_^.


Thanks Key and Ryuu. Maybe I'm going about it wrong. Even though age is just a number, most of my heartbreaks have been females younger than me. A majority of them were very immature and childish. The one heartbreak that was someone older than me was my last one. I'm somewhat willing to give at least older women another chance. I'm just so sick of being used and abused by all these girls who act like brats.


Hint: In order to keep a girl with ya', ya gotta buy her more SHOES. But she has all the shoes, so we know what she REALLY needs are BOOTS. Now everything makes sense. Forever.


Leather boots? Hahahahahaha!


Haha I be careful with the buying part. Too much could be poison for a relation ship.

I been in similar shoes where a girl I fell for toys with my emotions and never speaks to me seriously. She says she can relate to me and that I open New ideas for her. She is with some else so I wanted to end our friendship. She changes the subject every time I try to bring it up. I feel the only one that gets anything out of our friendship is her. Is kind of a weird friendship from a far.


Just happened to me too bro, i feel for ya

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