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Maiotaku Tinychat

Are you alone? Do you miss talking to someone? Do you miss casual talking everyday?? THEN TINYCHAT IS FOR YOU! ( ̄ー ̄)> Come and join us and have a fun random chatting along with random youtube video clips from our awesome mods! Most of us love anime and play games most of the time though. (._.) ƪ(‘-‘ ƪ)(ʃ ‘-‘)ʃ (/._.)/ http://tinychat.com/maiotaku have been on since 2012. Another boring sidenote is people must be above 18+. ┌༼▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿༽┘
Jan 04, 15 at 4:46pm
Jan 04, 15 at 4:49pm
<3 that is the spirit! ;)
Do you like anime? Do you like games? You are always welcome to talk about those things! BUT! Mage said it's only for 18+ BUT that doesn't mean explicit stuff is allowed, no nudes, no nude picture and NO HENTAI. We want nice people to join the chat, if you're not nice and think you can be a dick in chat. If i spot that i instant ban. Well that's it :D We are nice guys majority is guys but there are girls too. We want girls to join too cause girls with 5 guys in chatroom is not that fun for the girls, make it fun for the girls too :) That's it have fun and a nice day :3!
Jan 04, 15 at 4:53pm
Now I got to put my clothes back on :O
Jan 04, 15 at 5:56pm
Righty right.
Jan 05, 15 at 1:01am
What if I I'm not alone and miss talking to someone? Why you excluding me,Mark? Soo meeann wooww, Mark. Guess I won't go on anymore u loser
Join now mage giving out cake n cookies :D
Jan 05, 15 at 5:58am
@Brigitte by the reason I can and have the power to do so hoho! I know you will come on TC eventually because we are cool kids hanging around and I know you want to join the cool gang! Or else in the coming future you will receive a bunch of spam from a certain awesome person that you must go on TC. ʘ‿ʘ @Cris Staph spreading false rumor!!!! I NEVER SHARE CAKES!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
Noobmage is trying to play it cool like usual. Such a typical mage.
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