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blade and soul mmorpg help


been watching blade and soul and just found out its a game but i cant find a download for the usa is it not yet released yet here or wat if not any tips on how to work the korean version or were to get it cause i see a japanese version for sale online on amazon


WHAT!!!! blade and soul the anime has a game


Blade and soul just to clarify the Game has been out way longer than the Anime. NCSoft I believe has the right to game and will release it eventually. Honestly it kinda hard to do but im certain there are videos on youtube that might be of help in getting on a non USA server.


Blade and Soul (the anime) was based off of the game Blade and Soul. The game will be released eventually in the US (supposedly sometime next year) they've been having trouble localizing it from what I've heard. We were supposed to get it here earlier this year. Still if you want to play the foreign version here's a quick tutorial to help you get started: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/498/view/forums/thread/403532/Play-Blade-Soul-in-the-EU-and-US-Easy.html


Sorry there is no way to play it in English, just in Chinese, Japanese and Korean an is a little difficult to download it (take in account all the data that you will use because the servers are far away) but I expend like 1 entire afternoon researching about the game and I have to tell you that the combat system is just fantastic, try watching some videos on youtube of pvp combats, by the way .... BLADE AND SOUL HAS AN ANIME !?!?!?!?!


yea it just came out earleir this year i just bought it for 12 bucks


I have to see it !, is the anime good ?


yea from the couple of episodes i saw at akon this year it was pretty good just order the first the box set so ima be waiting to for the mail man next week to see the how it turns out

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