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Doll Making


i have an attention span that would make a goldfish cringe, so i restarted on a new body for her

i got antsy because the torso was so small compared to the head (which is why you preplan a doll and stick with the blueprint)

@amir_bahram the movie? you mean the screenshot you linked? i believe that's once upon a time in Hollywood. really, really good film.


havent been posting but still working

started a new project (cause ofcourse i did) a simpler doll design, don't think it counts as a bjd

still rough, still needs more sanding and detailing for the legs, and upper torso is just in the beginning stages

not sure if i wanna keep her human, or add something like horns or a mushroom cap to make her a cute monster girl
(she can stand on her own though, which is so kool to look at =w=)



feetzies and boobies


shortened the torso and working on the feet now

added new knees and sanded the thighs more, going to be evening the thighs to make them more symmetrical once the foot and ankle drys

arm is drying as well

anxious to start on her face... I'm so picky, I'm worried id never be happy and never end up finishing her... ugh...

Jan 29, 21 at 7:29am
This account has been suspended.

it goes on, new month new project, kek

Tron @trongx commented on Doll Making
Mar 01, 21 at 10:51am

Oh god that keyboard


if you think thats bad you should see the rest of my desk

Mar 01, 21 at 2:20pm

u should consider cleaning it, like once a month.
if not get ur simp to do it


i caved and got my bf to make me some 3d printed joints (I'm still practicing how to make them though) but thanks to that i finally have progress.

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