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Doll Making


How long has it taken so far?


maybe 3 months? but thats because i took long breaks. if someone had experience sculpting previously and had all the info on hand (lots of reference pictures, guides on joint types, and stringing guides) then it could take maybe 2 weeks?


Yeah I getcha, I was asking because it looks quality! Keep up the good work!


its 100% not quality and i didnt even try to make it look good xD I just wanted to make the base to use as an example, though I did work really hard on the hands, feet, head and turned out less then meh xD

my goal is to make a doll as good as culurs dolls

Aug 17, 20 at 8:22am



working with the paper clay now

feels like tofu xD more maintenance, had to keep my hands wet and be careful with my clay when I'm done with it (double bag it with a wet paper towel to keep it moist)

BUT its so strong and not crumbly at all, makes sanding and carving so much easier

10/10 will keep using paper clay

hip joints, knee joints, elbow joints all done. next to working on the hands/feet



5 more to go

Aug 17, 20 at 12:23pm

Wow it all looks soo amazing! I love dolls myself and wanted to try to make my own one someday, I think it could be pretty fun. When did you first get into doll making? It looks like you have a lot of experience


@lolax27 so recently xD i got into customization around summer last year :3 but that hobbies on hold for this xD

what kind of dolls do you like? bjd? monster high?


i have bled on the doll

the pact has been fullfilled

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