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A spriter's work.


I love sprites a lot and these are pretty nice to look at if you ask me.

Oct 04, 19 at 3:02am

My thanks to both of you! Although there are the NPCs remaining, they aren't priority compared to the system, the skill and the songs because I can just "borrow" some from Romancing SaGa 3 before I create my own.

Oct 12, 19 at 2:39pm

And so, the last character was done.

Oct 12, 19 at 2:41pm

And so, only the NPCs remain.


ah a fellow game dev

in what are you building the game bro?

Oct 12, 19 at 4:20pm

Yeah. I work with RPG Maker VX Ace.

Oct 25, 19 at 2:27am

I'll have a real tough time dealing with anything regarding the game. My notebook's hinge is turning the screen off. I'll send it to fix, but I'll only have the money by December.

Nov 19, 19 at 11:08pm


Gentlemen and gentlemen! The second demo (also the first public one) is near! I just need to fix some bugs and I shall upload it in this thread! I'll send it before Christmas!

Nov 19, 19 at 11:10pm

Regarding the Hinge issue, I'm using a monitor to cast the PC. Because my PC screen doesn't work anymore. It's actually a laptop.

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