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A spriter's work.


As a select few of you know, I am a RPG game developer and pixel artist.
I shall show my spritework here. Pointing the character and I shall show them in-depth(other poses).

Sep 15, 19 at 12:17am

Any progress on the Rpg? That demo was cool! >-<


Currently focusing on the OST and writing the plot. The next release shall have even more dandies.

Sep 15, 19 at 1:07am

Niceee, hype is real


Finished those two. Now. Only one remains so the whole cast is complete.

Also. I'm mapping a new Debug Room. I just plan and hope to release something better than the private demo before this year ends.

Oct 03, 19 at 5:24pm

I commend the effort people put into pixel....or any art. It's far beyond my capabilities.

Are you using RPG maker to build your game, or something else?


My thanks for your praise, Whisp!
I use RMVXAce to develop the game, but I use Romancing SaGa 3 sound effects in order to make it look like a game from the SFC series.

However, most characters aren't incorporated into the game yet. It will take some time in order to make everyone playable.


This is a demonstration of my project. But, I think it's suited for another forum.


cool stuff man, keep it up

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