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Moving to Japan before going there?

Okay, so I don't understand when people say they're going to move to Japan just because they're anime fans. As an example, I adore all things French- I speak the language, I love the food, etc. However, I'd never thought about moving there just because I liked all these things. However, when I was there for about ten days, and got a small taste of what staying there was like, I got this burning desire to return, whether as a longer trip or to study, or something else. My roommate in college is in Japanese 101 and claims that she is going to live in Tokyo one day. I asked her how she knows that she wants to go there and she said "because I know that is where I belong." How could she know that without ever going there? It just baffles me. I mean, I'm studying Japanese too, and I would love to go there- but as of right now, I couldn't possibly say I "belong" somewhere I've never been... does that make sense? Anyways, I'm not bashing on people who feel that way. I'm just curious... do you think this way? Why? What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading~
ehhh! sorry for the block of text! I put breaks in but they apparently did not work.
It's alright. As for your roommate, you better ground them a little in reality. Japan is extremely expensive to live in, especially Tokyo. Not only that, but sadly Japan is still fairly racist, with several places throughout the country banning anyone who can't pass themselves off as Japanese ethnically. Sad, but true. Best bet would to go for a long trip, say 1 month, or study there abroad for a semester and actually test the waters. Things aren't like they are in anime, I'm afraid...
this reminds me what to do lol... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_RM8To5mjU&feature=channel
Okay, you're friend might be a LITTLE BIT too excited about going there. Now, I could understand if someone was gonna go there for "just a taste", but living in a country you know only in books, tv, anime, etc....I don't think that'd be enough. I believe Konad13 has the right idea about this. I've never been to Japan, and maybe I, too, would like to go there, but only for a short visit, just to experience it for like a day or three, but NOT before knowing how to respond to and talk to people more freely and properly in Japan. I do NOT wanna go up into that country with my one eye covered and both of my hands bound behind my back, ya get me? Plus, considering what's happening there now, you might wanna reconsider going there for even a few seconds. Still, I do not control you're friend or anyone's choices on what they wish to do. Just remember, "Konad warned ya, o' friend of lava-san."
I would want to go to japan, for its culture. The baseball games and the television shows that they have and yes anime too.. If I gone to japan right now, I would shoot a ton of pictures and video. After I would do the konata thing and buy anime and manga. I basically learned about japan on my own at 14, I done reports in school I love everything abut japan
i added you in facebook i usually add people who says they want to be friends.
LOL that video link is hilarious!
sometimes u just kno. i am moving to Japan one day becuz that is my calling. Even tho i was born as a baka American, i kno that i am secretly part japanese.
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