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Does anyone roleplay anymore?

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I agree with Epsilon, people got way too cringey and controlling and kinda ruined it

freyjafernwood commented on Does anyone roleplay anymore?
Jul 14, 17 at 11:51am

I used to really like roleplaying, but I don't like those "literate" groups- the people who insist you make every post over a paragraph long and will jump on any sort of grammatical error. -_-
Just, I mean, if you don't have that much detailed stuff to write about, you're just going to be padding your writing with nonsensical details. >-<
Anyway, if anyone would like to roleplay with me on here, I'm all for it! ^-^

Jul 14, 17 at 12:30pm

iv role played on occasion depending on the setting

iv also dnded

VeZeal commented on Does anyone roleplay anymore?
Jul 14, 17 at 1:16pm

I used to when I was still an active member of Gaia Online during high school and early college years. Haven't really felt the urge to get back into it for a good while between work and other things keeping me busy.

Not to say that I'm completely done with it. But I haven't found the right group or people to want to get back into it. I'm really picky about that sort.

Jul 14, 17 at 2:43pm

Yeah, rp is about cooperstion and feeding off eachother, not about control or grammatical accuracy. Sure, you want it to make sense, but no need to go overboard and want it perfect. Thanks for all the input everyone :) I wanna get back into it a bit.

Gonta Cheeto commented on Does anyone roleplay anymore?
Gonta Cheeto
Jul 15, 17 at 2:37am

Use to love the idea but one ex ruined the entire experience for me and anyone I've met who seems to I'm not a fan of it anymore sadly. (MERP can be fun tho)


Slowly the Captain removes his robes, his eyes probing the distance for delicious lolitas.........

Jul 16, 17 at 1:09am

Only when I'm playing D&D with friends.

Jul 22, 17 at 1:34am

I still roleplay, well depending on the type of course. Right now, I'm roleplaying a certain tanuki girl with a fox guy here (It is supposed to be a fantasy-adventure type). I dunno, I think I'm doing a good job in roleplay because I somehow give what will happen next, but then my roleplay partner is kinda just giving me one line at a time ('-';)

Isn't roleplaying making a story? Why does it seems I'm only making all the scenarios and such? lol

Jul 26, 17 at 10:54pm

I did a Fate/Apocrypha RP ages ago on MAL, if anyone could make a decent combative one with fun character creation i guess i would RP again

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