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Nov 21, 13 at 3:21pm
Okay so I was reading the thread What's the reason you're single? And honestly, I thought that thread should of been placed here instead of the random chatter form. Everyone was just depressed about why they were single and they mentioned why they were single. Okay I get why you're single, so what are you looking for?? Friends? Relationship?? What is it that you want from people because last time I've checked people can't read minds. So this thread is about you telling people what you want, whether its friends or a relationship, tell people why should they talk to you. Why you should be romantically involved with them and what you can offer to them. You guys are all awesome cuz you guys are otakus!! Look, I'm 5'8 weigh 208, I suck at a lot of things, mostly at telling jokes, stories, and directions. But you know what? I'm loyal as fuck(excuse my french)to both my friends and my relationship. I pick up trash from the sidewalk and throw it in the trash even though I have a messy room >○>; so yea let's be friends okay? (P.s. I had no idea what to call this thread so no hate)
Nov 21, 13 at 4:44pm
The first thing you will notice is that this site isnt very active, and that when it does get active its active because people join and start talking for a while, but then that dies down when people lose interest, find someone, try elsewhere. As for talking about what they want and are looking for, thats what the likes and dislikes SubForum is for. People have been talking plenty about what they like and dislike, and about why people should date them. Now, most of the time people are just looking for comfort when they expressed how sad they are that they are single. However its not as if they dont try. So it just takes some time. Your thread isn't very necessary but, the sentiment and the care you express by creating is much appreciated.
Me personally I'm looking for friendship if it turns into something more awesome, but I can't devote all my time an energy anymore into looking. Its like what other have said when you aren't looking it will hit. So maybe that will happen. I'm looking to cosplay with me, make costumes, watch anime, do stupid silly things like run around with boxes strapped to me yelling about a gerbil invasion that kind of stuff people like to do.
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