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Mmos MMORPGs Brower based games... just online games in general


Okay... So I love playing games online and I want to know everyone who is or wants to try out an mmorpg or whatever... Share your experiences with me O.o


Although I'm not sure it'd be considered a *Massive* Online RPG, I've heavily played Phantasy Star Online (level ~150). And PSO2, which is unfortunately not released in the US yet, although that hasn't stopped me from playing it

I have a lot of good memories of PSO. Pretty much everyone on SCHTHack servers were awesome nerds from all over the world. China, Germany, Australia, France, and so many other countries.
My character was a massive (max height and weight) android with boxy features. I also somehow became known as the "android gentleman" and for "pouring Orange Juice on my head"...
PSO is also the only game I've ever joined a guild in. It was pretty close knit and we did a lot of questing and just chatting about nerdy stuff.

I also one time remember playing with a German girl who was drinking beer and talking about Oktoberfest. I remember it because she was 14. Oh, Germany, your drinking laws are astounding XD

Speaking of dealing with other cultures (this was back before I could tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese characters) I mistakenly tried told a group of Chinese players I couldn't speak Japanese... in Japanese... Yeah, they yelled at me for that for the remainder of the quest (~15 minutes).

I don't play hotkey MMORPGs, so I haven't really played any others.

And as for browser games, I play Attack on Titan Tribute Game.
<a href="

<a href="http://fenglee.com/game/aog/">Website: http://fenglee.com/game/aog/</a>
Multiplayer it with my friends sometimes.


ive played aqworlds, and cosmic break, cosmic break is actually a japanese game but there are so many op bots the game is so unbalanced, but it was soo much fun during the betas


I have played Free Realms, Aion, lil bit of Blade and Soul, and some others games that I got bored with fast

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