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Video games Vs Internet


ok...ok i dont mean video games where you can hook up internet too no psn or xbox online here either it a normal standard video game system with no internet hooked up to it so basically your gonna choose which is better for entertainment playing a video game or exploring the internet pc games dont count because you would need internet for some to work or you need to buy a cd and install it to your computer on the internet part im talking about myspace,facebook,chat rooms porn,anime,youtube all that goes with internet soooooo my question is out of entertainent would you rather play a video game or go on the internet


Radiata Stories, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, FFI-FF13, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Tales of "", Super Smash Bros, Persona, Devil May Cry, Uncharted, Dark Souls, THE LAST OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!, and soooooo many others, God with all those amazing games out there why would you need the internet


hehe i agree on many of those (im playing chrono cross right now on my playstation) but no miaotaku though no conventions sites no youtube no watching anime (unless u go buy it all)


Hard choice D:
No anime T_T


hehehe i know ^-^ it a good question though isn't it :3


So hard to choose since all my games are pretty much online :(


Need internet to play my video games online......choices...choices....

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