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Tales of Series is my passion,


Tales of Series is my passion, love them all.
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If you finish berseria you'll find out why malevolence will never end.


Actually with the ending, there should be no more malevolence in the world.

Even the pervy shepard didnt change to a monster and he got to become a seraphim


No I understand the argument. I said he's like that not saying he is he needs to be virtuous as a Shepard so he's not corrupted by malevolence its plain as day. Its not settled is all I'm saying the implications are not enough to convince me.


The producer stated it was Kim and and it was in the official manga. You can't debate that. Sorry isn't like a monk. I think you're trying to dismantle the argument. It's been well accepted that it is. But because it's not in your face people can argue it because they don't like it


Ok I really looked at this because it would be a first I totally see how people get that impression from the quotes its so vague you can't say yes or no but keep in mind sorey is like a monk figure as the Shepard he wouldn't be pursing women but that's all rather interesting how people see one thing from vague quotes unless baba says it out right then its up to the viewer but I saw nothing eluding to that while playing but seeing how obsessed shippers go to find references I cant help but wonder alittle now lol. I still think there's nothing to it but I guess you can say there could be a case made toward it.


Thst last link is a collection of all the evidence. I rhink if thr manga and thr producer say it is, it is. I mean homosexuality doesnt have to be all up in ur face about it


Its official in the manga.

And baba has confirmed it in interviews when he was asked about shippings.