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Tales of Series is my passion,


Tales of Series is my passion, love them all.
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I respectfully disagree I believe what your referring to is non canon and the creator of that, zestirias main focus was coexistence its not talking about how us Americans would interpret "coexistence" with all that goes on in our country. If you have a source quoted from the actual creator please link I could have overlooked it. No canon tales of game have homosexual ships of characters its only fan fiction but they do have homosexual humor in a few which is done in good taste lol.


The creator stated that they are thr only ship and its more than platonic. He cited a few scenes. Mikleo is cute tho so good on sorrey.


I think youll like it the story is great and answers alot from zestiria its the first tales of game that have two different titles instead of a 1&2 which I thought was interesting and unique.

Lol I know what you mean shipping sorey and mikleo but honestly I think they were going for genuine bonds between surrogate brothers, our culture just interprets those things differently from Japan.

I know how mean a little I expected tales of hearts r to be dubbed but subbed doesn't bother me at all, I actually like it sometimes for certain ones but toh r has a great story you won't be disappointed if you appreciate substance.

Very nice yes vesperia is a great one its the only tales of game I played on PC. Yes I highly recommend both tox 1&2 excellent games! My favorite is tales of graces f I love the story and characters it gets so much hate but the story is very interesting overall the whole game impressed me.


*tales of xillia 1 and 2*


I have. I'm not done with berseria because I took a break so that I could play some Vita games. But I really like this berseria and i need to get back into playing it. My gfs been hogging my pc since she bought nier automata lol.

I thought it was interesting how the creators shipped mikleo and sorey. But i didnt mind tho. And I like the references and whatnot in berseria relating to berserk and its themes.

Other than that I have finished Tales of Vesperia twice and yes I've gotten the true ending in that game. I own Tales of Symphonia but haven't got around to playing it because the PC version supposedly has bugs and I'm not sure if they patched it yet. And I do own Tales of Hearts R but I was little bit turned off that they didn't have an English dub on it because the game has a lot of character driven dialogue.

A favorite would perhaps have to be Tales of Vesperia because it's the one that I've played the most. I think between both playthroughs that have done on my own and a few with friends I've might have clocked like hundred hours into the game.

Since I just got a PlayStation 3 I was going to get Tales of Xillia wanted to and Tales of Graces f but I have to wait till I have the money


Yes I have, on ps4 I platinumed zesteriria last year and almost platinumed berseria I've finished the story/game already just a few wayward trophies, basically I make it a priority to play Tales games through and through lol. I like berseria alot its definitely my second best tales game love the story and that flip from zestiria not a big fan of zestiria but I still loved it, its just not one of my top tales games is all.


You play zestiria and berseria yet?