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28 year old Female
Last online almost 3 years ago
Crescent city , CA
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Feb 15, 21 at 2:35am
Boarded and can't find an anime to watch. Welp, guess ill take a nap.
Feb 10, 21 at 8:49pm
Hi, new to the site so I thought I'd say hi. Hope everyone is having a good 2021 so far. Also, I'm looking for a new manga to read, any suggestions would be appreciated. I mainly read isekai manga but I'm open to any genre. Hope yall have a good one.
zlolz @zlolz commented on Hello There
Feb 10, 21 at 8:32pm
I really want to play Bloodborne but I don't have a PS so I'm hoping one day it will be released for PC or Xbox. Other than that, I've been having a hard time trying to play through Dragon age 2 again, I forgot that its rather boring, but I want to have all three games done and saved to the keep before dragon age 4. What about yall?