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Alpaca Chaser Yuki

28 year old Male
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oh man time flies huh
BUT YOU'RE KAWAII who wouldn't stare at you? >w> but I hate people staring at me -__- what are they doing with their lives? SHARE THE alpacas with me ; A ; i haven't seen that anime ;o;
I need some pocky in my life soon or ill be sad ;w;
Dec 20, 14 at 2:31pm
Haha true and I love onesies ! They are the best!
Dec 18, 14 at 11:48pm
Being busy with the girlfriend is fun, being busy with school, not so much XD. Yeah, I'm not back in school yet so I really have no reason besides being laaaaazy OTL.
Haven't wrapped mine yet ..(>w<) do not have wrapping paper ,store is too far and is super cold out.. xD i am begging my friends to get me pocky heh
I spent almost all day buying Christmas gifts for my family...soo tired (◕△◕✿) didn't even have enough time to buy stuff..
Hehe, how is your day? ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
Dec 12, 14 at 8:05pm
Okay I'll stop being lazy and watch it XD I also wanna watch the 2nd persona 3 movieeee but I'm not sure because I never finished playing persona 3 T__T. Awww that sucks, I hope you can find more time to play~ Are you busy with school?