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Alpaca Chaser Yuki

30 year old Male
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oh man time flies huh
BUT YOU'RE KAWAII who wouldn't stare at you? >w> but I hate people staring at me -__- what are they doing with their lives? SHARE THE alpacas with me ; A ; i haven't seen that anime ;o;
I have a lot of favs... phoenix wright games... phoenix wright x layton, layton games smt 4 smassh bruhhhsss
I lovee persona/smt Watched the movie, all the anime eps golden and the animation I played persona 3/4 (like 9 times) Persona 4 golden SMT devil survivor 1/2 (like 4 times) SMT soul hackers SMT strange journey SMT 4 Persona arena/ultimax Persona 1 Anddd I pre ordered the collector's edition of Persona Q Gonna start nocturne, p2, and devil summoner series during winter break o3o