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32 year old Female
Last online about 20 hours ago
Columbus, OH
The name I go by on Here is Coco. I am an anime fan of all kinds. I do roleplay to escape the real world when I'm stressed and such. It's a good stress reliever you know. I am here for dating and friendships.

I work from home I am a home day care provider along with running a business. I like to have someone to join my business to be successful with me. I want a man who is not emotionally abusive or mentally abusive. I may have some problems but I am not dumb.

-- I love a man who works and not sit on his ass. I love an actve man since I am the most active person I enjoy the outdoors, I enjoy doing something not just staying in my home 24/7. --

(( I will leave you, I dealt with that for 6 years with my ex I can't do it again, which resulted him cheating on me because; him miss treating me. I just want to spend time with the person I'm dating that's all I ask, I would like if the guy is a Christian and would go to church with Me.))

I do game my self yes but there are times I want to spend time with my dude. I don't mind gamers.

But if your just gonna be like my ex sit there 24/7 never pay me attention or spend time with me. Telling your friends, I force you to go to places then your not someone I'm looking for at all.

I like to do things on holidays give gifts and go out. Doing something not sit around in the house. I don't mind you hanging with dudes or girls I'm all about communication.
I don't want to be cheated on, I want someone to be honest. I do love karaoke as well.
I do have a discord, just message me if you wish to have me as your friend there as well. I also ask for patience. I do get busy from time to time.

(( I do, have an hangout server for discord; if you want to join to make friends or more. I do have a gamer only discord if you wish to go there instead.))

--> If I don't reply the first time. Note I do get busy I don't sit on social media 24/7 either be patient or remove me. I don't answer to demands and I don't answer when someone blows me up no matter what it is, I have stated here on my bio I'm busy. Please be patient or don't add me period.