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Last online over 3 years ago
I'm a big anime fan. I also love video games such as smash, pokemon, animal crossing and legend of zelda. I love the rpg games Ib, Madfather and Misao. Although I'm not much of a gamer, I'm always open to trying new things. My current project is playing kingdom hearts since I have heard so many amazing things about it. I also want to try getting into comics.

I am also a huge fan of old cartoons. Teen Titans became one of my biggest addictions, and I may still have all the action figures. And dont even start me on Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go (longest title ever). The fact that they cancelled it without making a part two infuriates me to no end!!!

ummmmm let's see. I'm around 5'1, I have green eyes and long dirty blonde hair. I'm really shy, so it takes a bit to get me to open up, but once I do, you'll probably regret it since I can get a bit mean. But that's just because I feel like I can open myself up to you, so you should take all my mean jokes as a compliment! lol

and yeah....