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29 year old Nonbinary
Last online 3 days ago
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Jan 02, 24 at 6:43am
1.- what do you understand by "delusions"? 2.- no 3.- yes 4.- pretty much, tho is complicated to keep my attention on just one thing, so i usually do it while doing something else. 5.- I like to think so? hbu? c:
Jan 01, 24 at 3:34pm
More Questions: 1. What sort of delusions could you tolerate from a romantic partner or friend? 2. Have you ever had to kill something that wasn't an insect? 3. Are you good at fixing things? 4. Do you enjoy reading books? 5. Are you good at thinking out of the box?
yuuzora @yuuzora By delusions, usually that means the sort of delusions a person with Schizophrenic or MPD/DiD disorders experiences. The most common being that there are people always watching you. Schizophrenia and DiD =/= Psychopath but nonetheless those disorders are not easy to handle.
yuuzora @yuuzora left a comment for yue_
Dec 31, 23 at 10:38pm
初めまして。私は夕空です。ゆえさんと呼んで良いですか?マイオタクに新しかな? Nice to meet you. I am Yuuzora. Is it okay to call you Yue-san? Are you new to this site?