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Yoshi 佳

31 year old Male
Last online about 8 years ago
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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I uploaded a bunch of photos if you feel like taking a look, btw. :P
(I typed up an amazing response only to have it disappear >_<) He's very sweet, kind, and speaks very shy. He comes off as though he would be shy and meek, however he loves a crowd and lots of fans. They get him fired up and he will yell and get wild. lol He tends to go to a lot of the Jrock concerts in Los Angeles because he lives there. The first time I spotted him was at the first Dir en grey concert in Los Angeles which was in 2006. It was the beginning of some insane adventures for me, and I think it had inspired Yoshiki to hype up the jrock scene. I've also seen Miyavi lurk around similarly. Funny, Yoshiki went to Miyavi's concert before and Miyavi pointed him out, "Yoshiki, I'm gonna blow you away!" lol The first time I met Yoshiki was probably the one that left a great impression upon me. There was a Jrock music festival in Los Angeles and he was surprised that people were staying out waiting days before the first show. My friends were maniacs so we all waited outside together. He brought hot chocolate and asked if everyone was okay. He kind of lectured us all to try to stay warm cause he felt like it was getting cold at night and didn't want anyone getting sick. The next day he sent his people down with hand warmers during the evening. He really felt it was important that everyone keep warm. It was really sweet of him. At one time I was making good money and able to afford to travel to a lot of concerts so Yoshiki's entourage would come up and chat me up. I lost the job I had had in my maniac days so for a while I didn't go to as many concerts and events. Now, I am finally able to go to more of my favorite shows, but I don't know how many people will recognize me now. lol I work at a place that has a salon so I frequently get my hair cut and colored for a very reasonable price, and hair tends to change the look. It'd be cool to see them all again. How is the scene like where you are? Do you do a lot of shows and get a good crowd? I have always been under the impression that the Jrock scene is probably bigger in Europe than it is in the US. (Though probably not as intense as in Los Angeles in particular.) I have seen a lot more European tours and it makes me rather envious. My favorite bands were Dir en grey, Kagrra, D'espairs Ray, and Kagerou. They tended to do many shows in England, Germany, and France. I think if I were in Europe during my maniac days I'd go all over the place to see my favorite bands. Lately we've lost some great vocalists though, so I doubt Kagrra and Kagerou will ever be back together. It's sad. ):
Yoshiki is a very sweet, amazing guy. I feel lucky to have met him a few times. Definitely a good inspiration to have. :) You're very welcome. I am doing okay, how about you?
Hey, well spotted you know.. I use Yoshi as a stage name, taken from Yoshiki :) He's my biggest inspiration XD Thank you though :) How are you?
Hi. Your name caught my eye because it reminds me of Yoshiki from X-Japan. Anyway. Thought I'd send a hello. :)
Hey there! Thank very much, and thank you again :)
Jul 24, 14 at 10:12pm
Hello, and welcome to the site. :) That's cool you're in a band!