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Last online almost 2 years ago
Ignorant and ARROGANT little minded people pisses me the heck off. How someone can use words to hurt another person but yet they dont think about the consequences. Yes it's TRUE words can hurt like a knife only if you let it hurt you. What I always tell myself is *hey. That person that's saying all this stuff about me didnt kill my family. They didnt kill my loved ones and they sure as hell didnt cut my arms off so what do I care about what they say. Also I really hate older men who try to be little girls and play with someone's emotions and feelings. Raises his hand raise your hand if you ever had some loser pretend to be a girl for 3 months and play with your emotions.

Anyways my favorite anime is attack on titan my hero academia dragon ball z and super one peice monster musume high school of the dead. High school of dxd death note naruto one pinch man