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20 year old Female
Last online 7 months ago
Winter Haven, FL

I am the owner of a Runeterra discord ~ ! Please feel free to join ! ~ https://discord.gg/CJaNVUPy

I am a big dead or alive player, I’m into a lot of amv edits I spend a little bit too much of my time on it. Overall i have no life when it comes to anime it consumes my entire day almost daily lmaoo but I am learning to get better about doing different hobbies as getting into League and I’m also an Overwatch fan so if you have PlayStation don’t be shy I will definitely hang out to play with you.

Now time to get on with the things I should be talking about xD

My Discord : Gxddess#4626

~ Darling In The Franxx has best girl: 02 ~

~ I speak almost fluent Korean ~

~ Inuyasha was my Power House to start anime ~

~ My anime guy crush is: Yato from Noragami~

~Blood c was probably the most goriest anime I’ve ever seen~

~If I could I’d work in a ramen shop for fun~

~I play too many anime songs on my Piano •~•. ~

~My room is filled with 76% Anime posters and 4% Stickers of Demon slayer and 20% Manga books~

~I have been told many times I am the living example of an anime girl~

~I sound like the English dub Zero Two~

~I own too many anime games on my PlayStation~

~I never knew there was such a thing as Fried milk (Bet I know you’re going to look it up) ~

~ Seafood > Any other food ~

Ps. If Levi is going to die in Attack on Titan I’m going to lose it.

Guest. Dec 31
Jul 28-30