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35 year old Male
Last online 11 months ago
Long time anime fan, I'm a very honest and highly sensitive person. I wouldn't say I'm a shy person but I tend to feel uncomfortable when I'm with people I don't share a common interest with. My native language's French but I'm also pretty much fluent in English.

My favorite animes are One Piece, Death Note, Code Geass, Steins:Gate
I generally prefer longer animes because you really get to love characters and see them interact with so many different situations. I mostly watch animes rather than read mangas because it feels more emotional to me and I love the musics / OSTS. I will occasionally read mangas or manhwas if highly recommended.

I love animes, gaming (favorite game lately is DBD), watching tv shows/movies, running and sports.

I'm hoping to make close friends to really share a passion and moments with and hopefully maybe find a precious and special someone.
Discord : windex7