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37 year old Male
Last online over 2 years ago
...., PA
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Rin @rinookami left a comment for Always
Jan 15, 18 at 5:54am
Thanks for adding :) hope you going well
cloud87 @cloud87 left a comment for Always
Nov 16, 16 at 11:59am
I saw some pics of your collection of gaming i have to say awesome pictures and i don't know are you a fellow member of vgcollect like me but if not it's free to sign up. You have 3 lists your collection list,your wish list and for sell list if you have any you wish to have or if you have any you want to sell or gaming you have in your collection & if you like to see my list on mt account of vgcollect then feel free to ask & I'll gladly give you my list :).
Rukaya @rukaya left a comment for Always
May 08, 16 at 12:25pm
Relaaaaax haha Oooohhhh shoot gl with that XD
Aug 27, 18 at 8:18am
Been obsessed with BDO but I finally hit 61 and now I'm taking a break, since 62 seems like such a chore :x So I'm back to part time League of Legends lol
Jul 28, 18 at 4:47pm
You totally should, I've met so many cool people in my community, of-course there's the occasional trolls. Hit me with your link I'll send you a follow and come watch sometimes!